Statistics and Computational Resources


STAT 540
STAT 540 Statistics for High Dimensional Biology (3 credits) can be chosen as an elective course during your first year. Seats are limited and reserved for students from other graduate programs, so be sure to register as soon as registration opens.

STAT 545
STAT 545 Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R – as its name suggests – is an all-in-one course in how to code in R. Developed by the ever-popular Jenny Bryan (currently a software engineer at RStudio, previously an Assistant Professor of Statistics at UBC), it consists of two 1.5 credit courses (STAT 545A and STAT 545B), where you can either take STAT 545A individually, or both.
Much of the material is freely available here.


Intro to Coding
Do you have no idea if learning a coding language is right for your research? Are you looking for a one-stop resource hub? Check out this page to jump right in and get inspired to get coding! If you have any comments or recommended links to add, please contact Emilie.

BCCHR Statistics Video Series
Refresh your concepts on statistics using this Statistics Video Series made for the BCCHR Summer Student Research Program.
Bonus: It includes a hands-on beginner’s tutorial to data analysis in R!


The Trainee Omics Groups (TOG) is based at the BCCHR, where this data analysis support group aims to guide trainees through their research analysis methodology. They hold monthly Open Help Sessions, as well as numerous beginner and intermediate Workshops and Tutorials.
Email, Slack Link, and their GitHub

Bioinformatics Support Group (BSG)
The BSG is a UBC-wide trainee group holding weekly work in progress (WIP) meetings, where you can share your data analysis and ask for feedback. The Slack is quite active, with students sharing and discussing their problems/roadblocks with the rest of the members.
Slack Link